A Night Out

I put on my tightest pair of jeans, the ones that zipped all around from front to back, the size ten’s. I looked for my belt and found it. It was the new style, a thin strip of leather that wrapped around my waist twice and kinda hung down a little bit. I knew that my jeans would fit because I’d spent the last week fasting to be able to fit into them. Tonight was the party night, I had to be ready for it tonight. I walked out into the foyer of the condo, where I lived with my brother and mother. And I stood in front of my mother’s expensive mirror, the full length one that was on the wall, and appraised myself, turning around to view my rear end several times from each angle. Then I went to the kitchen and pulled out my bottle of Jacquere’ wine, popping the cork and pouring a large glass of it. I was getting ready for the night, getting my buzz going, warming up.

     I heard my friend Robin’s car pulling up into the drive, seeing the headlights of her blue Camaro. I could feel the adrenaline in my stomach. We both had Camaros, mine white, her’s light blue. We were going to a party where there’d be a lot of foggy mirrors, so we brought our own powder. She always had what we needed to share between us, to get us through the night. She was going to drive tonight, so I could drink my wine as the passenger. I usually poured half seltzer water and half wine into a plastic cup and added ice cubes. She preferred beer.

     The party was being thrown in a neighborhood close by. The new crowd I’d begun hanging out and partying with was into drugs, more than I’d usually seen before then. I thought they were all cool, always a new guy to be with, to sleep with at the end of the night. Sometimes I’d go to their place or I’d bring them home, sneak in my back bedroom door. My ego demanded this, to sleep with a lot of guys. And I didn’t care what anyone thought. It was a huge ego trip, feeling that control. And tonight a new guy was going to be at this party, I already knew. He was good friends with Robins’ brother Eddie. She was going to plan an outing on their family’s yacht, and invite him too. It was almost too exciting for me to think about right then. And more than that, I was actually stealing him from his girlfriend. This made it all the more of an ego trip.

     I heard the knock on the front door, and rushed out to let her in as she let her car’s engine idle in the drive. “Are you ready” Robin said breathlessly. I could see that she was as excited as I was feeling. “We need to get some beer”, she whispered. “I drink wine, have some”, I encouraged. “It’s less calories than beer.” She laughed a little at that. “You’re already skinny enough. Let’s go.” I ran back to my room and grabbed my purse and in one leap we were out the door and into her car. Rod Steward was playing on her stereo, it sounded good.